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Aug 02, 2010

test says:

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Hello, I am also trying to learn more about Mastercard Offers API/SDK. May i know where can i locate this. The "" email listed above doesnt work anymore. Thanks
Amit Fisher 23 May 2 dlohsage 22 Aug
Afternoon Eric,  We are going to be using Oauth 1.0 Revision A and I believe the API that you are referring to looks like it is for Oauth 2.0.  The result is the signature base string that is generated will not be compatible with our API services, which is why ...
Eric Colleu 17 Mar 1 Brett Thomson 17 Mar
Please advice if mastercard offer api support card link api for apps ? Vijay Advani
Vijay Advani 05 Aug 0 -
I just registered for the developer program to use the Offers API and am in the process of downloading a tool to generate a CSR to use the APIs when i stumbled on this thread. I am looking for an API which will return results containing an ...
Vishal Maheshwari 08 Sep 5 Dan Harris 12 Nov
Sorry, there are three different dates for an Offer, but none of them is the date that the Offer was added to the system.  There's, correspondingly, no such data to filter on.  The closest thing we have is the "Featured" and "Category Featured", but I do realize that's not what you're asking
Vishal Maheshwari 31 Aug 3 Dan Martin 03 Sep
You must supply a OAuth Authorization header, as described in the api:Offers Sample Code documentation
Bernard Baker 11 May 30 Dan Martin 03 Sep
default Offers throttle is 1000 requests per 24 hour period.  If you need more, let us know after you've established a Production client ID
Vishal Maheshwari 31 Aug 1 Dan Martin 03 Sep
Thanks Dan, Its working
Vishal Maheshwari 29 Aug 2 Vishal Maheshwari 30 Aug
I believe your access has been approved.  Let me know if you are still experiencing issues
Vishal Maheshwari 19 Aug 1 Dan Martin 27 Aug
Overnight we had an issue in one of our systems, impacting Offers.  This issue was resolved about 10:30 AM CDT
Bernard Baker 23 Aug 1 Dan Martin 23 Aug
Sorry, the format is indeed out of date in the API Explorer. The correct format is covered in depth on this page: Also sorry for the delay, as I've been on vacation
Vishal Maheshwari 11 Aug 2 Dan Martin 19 Aug
Thanks Dave, I am able to send Request Response. I have implemented my own OAuth in .Net with RSASHA1.&nbsp
Vishal Maheshwari 01 Aug 2 Vishal Maheshwari 17 Aug
Could someone look into the offers listed here? Everyone I click on sends me to a broken link. Reproduceable from the marketplace website: 1) go to 2) enter in 01801 as the zip code. 3) Click More to get ...
Bernard Baker 12 Aug 0 -
How do we go about requesting an increase in our quota? Thank you
Bernard Baker 06 Jun 2 Bernard Baker 05 Aug
appears that you are making a call to Sandbox services using a Production client.  Please try again using a Sandbox client for the call
DHIRAJ KUMAR 03 Jul 2 Mike Blecha 05 Jul
ok dan martin my service calls still in Pending in my app
Josh Kessler 14 Oct 7 srinivasan balu 29 May
srinivasan balu 19 May 0 -
issues with Sandbox should be resolved
CSAM CSAM 30 Dec 4 Dan Martin 04 Jan
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