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What is the OpenAPI?

MasterCard's OpenAPI provides services to any developer seeking to add MasterCard-related capabilities to their own application(s). Our focus is firmly on providing services to the global developer community, supporting anyone seeking to build an application that solves a new or existing business problem in the commerce field.

Why is MasterCard offering a Developer Zone?

MasterCard is offering Developer Zone so that we can tap into the ingenuity of software developers around the globe to help create the next generation of game-changing applications to unleash innovation within our industry, especially in the burgeoning areas of e-commerce and mobile payments.

Why should developers want to work with MasterCard's OpenAPI?

Developers get access to services backed by the powerful MasterCard brand. We built OpenAPI to meet our company's exacting demands for high-quality products at the heart of commerce that everyone trusts.

  • We understand where open, accessible APIs fit into the emerging models for application development.
  • We have compelling services that provide the opportunity for many new business models.
  • We want to be responsive to developer ideas and concerns.

How do developers use the OpenAPI?

It is very simple. Developers:

  • Visit https://developer.mastercard.com and look at the services we offer.
  • Register for an account, and request a developer key to be able to build and test their application(s) using a 'sandbox' version of any of our services.
  • Build their application, referencing available technical documentation, software development kits (SDKs), sample source code, reference guides, and community support as needed.
  • Once the developer decides they have a working application and a promising business model, they can request a production key from their developer dashboard, which will allow access to MasterCard's OpenAPI production services.

How do I connect to the OpenAPI?

The OpenAPI is accessible via the internet through a secure protocol.

How is communication with the OpenAPI secured?

Messages are secured in multiple ways:

  • Transport security is ensured using HTTP over SSL (HTTPS). By verifying our SSL certificate, you can ensure that communication originates at MasterCard and is encrypted during transport.
  • Authentication is enforced utilizing the OAuth 1.0a protocol with RSA signatures. OAuth allows us to confirm the identity and authenticity of your communication with us. See our guide for help implementing OAuth 1.0a with OpenAPI.
  • The combination of SSL and OAuth allow bidirectional nonrepudiation, offering a very high level of confidence that our communication is secure..

How do I get an OpenAPI key?

To get a key for OpenAPI you will need to upload a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). You can create the CSR on you own or by using our key tool to create the necessary files for you. This tool can be accessed by signing in to Developer Zone, and selecting:

  • My Dashboard
  • My Keys
  • Add a Key
  • Inside the popup, you will see a "click here" notation that will open the MasterCard Key Tool for your use.

How long is my OpenAPI key valid, and how do I renew a key?

OpenAPI keys are good for one year. Approximately 30 days before your key is set to expire, we will notify you at the email address we have on file for you. For this reason it is important that you keep your email address with OpenAPI current. A few additional reminders will be sent up to the point of key expiration. Once your key has expired, any messages to the OpenAPI will be rejected.

To avoid issues with key expiration, you may renew a key at any time. To do so, sign in to Developer Zone, and select:

  • My Dashboard
  • My Keys (locate the key you wish to renew)
  • Renew Key
  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up for uploading a new CSR.

More information on key management can be found here.

I've received a production key, now what?

Once you have a production key for OpenAPI you must request access to each service you wish to use. To do so, sign in to Developer Zone, and go to

  • My Dashboard
  • My Apps
  • Add an app (if you have already done this, you can skip this step)
  • Add a prod service

Some services may require additional information from you. If so, the production request process will prompt you for that information at the time you make the request. Each production service request requires approval by MasterCard personnel. We make every effort to process requests in a timely manner.

Does the OpenAPI have standard outage/maintenance windows?

No. We make every effort to be "always on". We have highly redundant systems with state of the art disaster recovery in place. In the event of an unforeseen outage, we will communicate via Developer Zone if possible. If Developer Zone is experiencing an outage, rest assured we have monitors in place that notify us immediately. We have 24-hour staff that address outage situations with the utmost sense of urgency.

How will my email address used?

MasterCard will never share your email address with a third party. We will use your email address only to send important information related to OpenAPI, including but not limited to:

  • Key expiration notifications
  • Service/API specific notifications regarding noteworthy changes or new versions
  • Outage notifications

What lifecycle will the OpenAPI follow when adding services?

We use a consistent methodology with four distinct phases to add a new service to the OpenAPI:

Incubation: Early access to the service and the ability to test in the sandbox. A production version of this service is not yet available. A production version of this service is not yet available. Our user community has a voice in determining additional functions or features in this phase. Documentation and interface specifications may be somewhat fluid because we are looking for feedback on how to improve the service.

Beta: The service is almost production-ready but needs final testing and user feedback. As a result of the feedback, we might change the API.

Production: The service enters version control, supports service level agreements, and is fully capable of being integrated into the production version of other applications. We proactively manage changes to the API, maintaining previous versions and giving advance notice of modifications.

What are the fees associated with using the APIs?

Visit each API overview page to review pricing information. Pricing is established on a service by service basis.

Are the APIs mentioned on Developer Zone the only ones MasterCard will offer, or will there be more?

The APIs listed on Developer Zone are those that MasterCard currently offers. We do plan to offer many more services over time.

Who can participate in using MasterCard's APIs?

Any developer can utilize MasterCard's OpenAPI services in the sandbox environment. For production access the services have two categories:

General: services that can be used by anyone.

Partner: services that can only be used by a MasterCard partner (e.g., issuer, acquirer, etc.)

General services may be used by any developer who signs up with MasterCard. The other services may only be used by MasterCard partners (e.g. issuer, acquirer, merchant).

I have an idea for an additional API that MasterCard could offer. How can I make a suggestion?

We'd love to have your feedback. Please visit our community area and leave us a forum post. Our forums are read by and responded to by developers like you. Chances are if you'd like it, we would too. Please let us know any suggestions you might have.

Is the Developer Zone PCI compliant?

Yes, we are PCI compliant.

I have registered but receive an error when I attempt to log in.

Once you register for an account, we will send you an email with a link to complete your account activation. Account activation email links expire after one week from the time the email is sent. If this occurs you will receive an error when attempting to log in to Developer Zone, and you will need to register again.

How do I get help?

There are several ways to get help.

  • Visit our API area that contains reference materials, sample code, and other documentation that you may find helpful.
  • Read our MasterCard expert blogs.
  • Visit our forums, where you may find that other developers have encountered similar problems, and have posted about it. MasterCard will also post about the APIs in the forums as well.
  • Read the FAQs.

What is MasterCard API Showcase?

The MasterCard API Showcase provides examples of how developers have integrated with our Open API products and services.

My company uses a MasterCard API. How can I submit our example to the MasterCard API Showcase?

The MasterCard API Showcase window to accept new examples will open in Q4 2014. If interested in learning more, please register for the Developer Zone and leave a message for us in our support forum. Alternatively, you can submit a brief description and contact information through this contact form and a member from our team will assist you.

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