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Google launches Google Wallet with the help of the MasterCard API

Last month, Google announced Google Wallet. Google Wallet is an exciting product that enables you to use an Android phone to make purchases at merchants equipped with MasterCard's PayPass technology.

As part of the Google Wallet launch, Google wanted to show locations where customers could use Google Wallet. One of the many services offered by MasterCard API is a PayPass merchant locator. Because this API was readily available through MasterCard API, integration for Google was quick. Google mashed this API up with Google Maps to build their Where It Works page in the Google Wallet site.

One of our goals in building the MasterCard API was not only to offer a world-class payments system for developers, but also to expose the wide variety of the technology services MasterCard has to offer. We view MasterCard Developer Zone as a one-stop destination for any developer that wants to work with MasterCard technologies. We are excited about Google's use of our location services as validation that this approach is beneficial to both MasterCard and the development community.

For more information on MasterCard's PayPass merchant location services, visit our Location Services documentation. To find the full list of services offered by MasterCard API, visit our API documentation.


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