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What information is required to allow the sender to perform a MasterCard MoneySend money transfer?

  • Recipient's card or previously mapped unique identifier (for example, mobile phone number or e-mail address)
  • Amount

In many cases, the sender may already have an online banking account or another account with the Member and registration may not be required, as determined by the Member at its discretion.

Are there any Brand Standards?

A Member participating in the MasterCard MoneySend platform as an Originating Institution must do so in accordance with the MasterCard MoneySendTM Global Platform Guide and the MasterCard MoneySend Brand Standards. Please ask your MasterCard Account Representative for these documents.

What is a Member?

A Financial Institution or other entity that has been granted membership in and has become a member of MasterCard in accordance with the Standards.

Is the MoneySend API PCI compliant?

Yes, all of our APIs are PCI compliant.

What Special Characters are allowed for Card Mapping?

This is the list of special characters we allow:  !$'+.;>`}"%(),/<?{~#&*-:_=@
For the MoneySend AP, in order to pass:  < > “ and ‘ into the API payload you must use the XML escape characters instead of the actual value…

 > would be &gt;
 < would be &lt;
 " would be &quot;
 & would be &amp;
 ' would be &apps;
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