MoneySend - FAQs
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What is a Member?

Are there any Brand Standards?

What information is required to allow the sender to perform a MoneySend Payment Transaction?

Is the MoneySend API PCI compliant?

When should I get access to Developer Zone?

Which version should I use?

What information should be provided to Customer Support when support is needed?

How do I use the error descriptions?

How do I code for optional data fields?

What Special Characters are allowed for Card Mapping?

Card Mapping

What is Card Mapping?

Why use Card Mapping?

What is an Alias?

How many mapping accounts is a Subscriber able to have?

How can a Subscriber view all of their mapped accounts?

What is Account Usage?

For a Payment Request, what needs to be included in order to use the Receiver’s mapped account instead of providing the Receiver’s PAN?

Is it possible to completely delete a Subscriber and all the associated mappings?

When is it appropriate to use a batch file for mapping instead of API calls?

Is it necessary to receive all of the PCI sensitive information on an Inquire Mapping?

In the case of sending a payment to a Receiver's non-default mapped account, can an Inquire Mapping be done to find it?

Card Eligibility

Is Card Eligibility and PAN Eligibility the same service?

Is Card Eligibility required before a mapping?

Is Card Eligibility required before doing a Transfer or Payment API call?

Sanction Screening

How should the Sanction Screen score be used?

How should the score be interpreted?

Why is the country provided with the Sender/Receiver name?

What lists are being used in the MoneySend Sanction Screening API?

Are the same lists being used in the MasterCard Network and MoneySend Sanction Screening Service API?

How frequently are the names within the lists refreshed?

What are the other lists available that can be added?

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