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  sonpv1 17 Mar 1 Peter Caulfield 19 Mar
Hi Thiru, I have just ran your payment request and I received an approval: <PaymentRequest>    <LocalDate>0215</LocalDate>    <LocalTime>125334</LocalTime>    <TransactionReference>1234567890123001014</TransactionReference> &nbsp ...
Thiru G 11 Nov 9 Kyle Williams 24 Feb
Hello Barbara,  It looks like all Card Mapping services are over on v2 now.  The only resources that have a v1 resource are Transfer, Transfer Reversal, and PAN Eligibility which are outlined on this page: ...
trevica_tester 12 Dec 3 Brett Thomson 26 Feb
Hey Dan, I'm familiar with InControl and know it is being used by a particular startup, Yiftee. What would we have to go through to obtain either a similar partnership or a similar functionality from an API? Essentially, we're looking to: # Generate ...
Aldo Briano 22 Aug 3 giftyone 20 Feb
Hello fasholaide,  When you are compiling a MoneySend Elegibility Request you want to make sure you are performing a body hash, without the body hash the request will be denied as the amount of bytes coming into us is different then what is expected without ...
KalyanKumar Ravi 20 Feb 6 Brett Thomson 17 Feb
Thanks a lot, its finally works! All your answers was useful P.S. I`m remove the MasterCardAssignedID
Jack Kray 27 Jan 6 Jack Kray 29 Jan
Good Morning spandan, Yes you can use MoneySend to send money from an individual in India to another individual within India InterCountry. Thanks, Brett Thomson
spandan 17 Jan 1 Brett Thomson 27 Jan
Hello Boris, Please see the below details in regards to the availability of funds for MoneySend transactions: MoneySend Funds Availability MasterCard provides Receiving Institutions (RIs) with funds availability requirements to provide a consistent level of service.  RIs that issue Debit ...
bmizhen 09 Jan 3 Kyle Williams 22 Jan
hello, can you post the request and response, we'll see if we can track down the 500
alansour 02 Jan 1 Peter Caulfield 08 Jan
alansour 02 Jan 0 -
alansour 02 Jan 0 -
I am also experiencing this problem. Does anyone have the solution for this? Thanks Lubo Jancek
Sven Vanwalleghem 10 Jun 1 kecinko 01 Dec
Hi, We perform several tests and I think there is a little problem with createMapping request (or response). After sending proper createMapping or updateMapping request I receives response with MappingID = 0: createMapping  request: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8 ...
mobileHUB TREVICA 15 Oct 0 -
Thanks for your answer, I'm a little bit closer now, there were some new line problem in the http header, and I fixed them. Now I have a more readable error message, it says "MISSINGREQUIREDINPUT" in ReasonCode, and "Invalid Authorization ...
Fa Vago 10 Oct 2 Fa Vago 13 Oct
definitely not a stupid question. Simply put, you either need to be a bank or be partnered with a bank. To transfer money, there needs to be an account to transfer money into, and an account to transfer money out of. If you issue the accounts, you are now a bank, which ...
Jenny petzel 26 Sep 2 Dan Martin 26 Sep
Hello!  I am working on a project and have question for you. How can we make a universal payment form, which is possible to pay from any MasterCard to any other card? Can we use Money Send ...
Stanislav Prisiajniuk 15 Sep 0 -
Hello, We are considering building money transfer service using Mastercard MoneySend API. We are service provider and already in talk with participating bank who would serve as acquiring bank. We have one question that in important to us in order ...
Amer Mulabegovic 04 Sep 0 -
Mark, I wanted to let you know that we are looking into this. This is due to a problem on our side, and we are trying to triage it. I will reply here when we have resolved
Mark McKenna 20 Aug 1 Dan Martin 21 Aug
500 error usually indicates you've submitted a request without requesting production access. You need to go to your Dashboard and use the "Add Production Service" and select MoneySend
Sathish Sivanantham 02 Jul 5 Dan Martin 11 Jul
Apologies, but for a variety of reasons, we do not provide XSDs for these products. You could drop the sample XML into any of the XML to XSD converters found online, and generate your own XSDs
Sathish Sivanantham 04 Jun 1 Dan Martin 05 Jun
Hi Dan, Please could you mail me regarding MoneySend compatible banks in South Africa? Much appreciated, Kyle
Kyle McLaren 29 Apr 0 -
defect which will be corrected in the next Sandbox update. There is an issue when doing a transfer with a receiving mapped account
Sven Vanwalleghem 24 Apr 3 John Tyma 24 Apr
root tag needs to say <CardholderFullName>    with a lowercase 'h
Sven Vanwalleghem 16 Apr 9 John Tyma 24 Apr
We'd like to find a developer who has built an interface into Moneysend.  Is there a list somewhere?  We'd like to make corporate disbursements with this API
Jaume Bosch 02 Sep 4 skymasterson 05 Feb
Hi, I have a few specific questions and would love to speak with someone on the moneysend team directly. Does anyone know where I could find that number, or perhaps someone I could email to get that information? Thanks so ...
Benjamin Tyson 19 Feb 0 -

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