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Hi,  please tell me how I can connect to AndroidStudio Java SDK (, to the Android project
nick_2015 4 hours ago 0 -
Hello ???????? Anyone
allanclark 29 Jul 1 allanclark 03 Aug
I am using the moneysend portal to send funds overseas. This is tagged to DBS Bank. I am able to login to the portal but when i do the transfer, the voice prompt indicated that the PIN verification is successful. However back to the portal, there is this error ...
andy121 28 Jul 0 -
Hello bvenkris, We do not really have any public facing documentation on how MasterCard Send works at this time, you can try visiting this LINK to learn about everything public facing as Kai pointed ...
bvenkris 01 Jul 4 Brett Thomson 08 Jul
Hello, My apologies for the confusion. In reference to the Sample Code Page you have referenced. The below is listed under the Node.js Transfer Sample Code: var request = { TransferRequest: { LocalDate: localDate = "1212", LocalTime: localTime = "161222", TransactionReference: transactionReference = "1999999034810154901 ...
kytcvkht567to 25 Jun 3 Kyle Williams 30 Jun
Hi kaspendo, You may use the MoneySend resource page for the technical integration portion which will provide the details as well as examples to be used.  Your Developer Zone account is automatically granted access to our sandbox environment.  You ...
kaspendo 24 May 5 Peter Caulfield 04 Jun
Hello financaspessoais, MoneySend is definitely the most appropriate API we currently offer that will transfer money using your MasterCard. So essentially with you being a NonFinancial Institution you will need to become a Service Provider for a MasterCard financial Institution. From ...
financaspessoais 02 Jun 1 Brett Thomson 03 Jun
Hello gerutz,  All countries are able to receive money via MoneySend with the exception of the following countries on the below list.   North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Japan, These countries must have the Receiving Institution properly process and authorize ...
spandan 17 Jan 3 Brett Thomson 06 May
Hi Barbara, We have identified an internal issue that was causing these requests to fail, I have replicated your call using a unique Transaction Reference Number and have successfully processed a Transfer Reversal as well. Please attempt the request ...
trevica_tester 28 Apr 2 Kyle Williams 30 Apr
Hello Barbara,  It looks like all Card Mapping services are over on v2 now.  The only resources that have a v1 resource are Transfer, Transfer Reversal, and PAN Eligibility which are outlined on this page: ...
trevica_tester 12 Dec 3 Brett Thomson 26 Feb
Hi Thiru, I have just ran your payment request and I received an approval: <PaymentRequest>    <LocalDate>0215</LocalDate>    <LocalTime>125334</LocalTime>    <TransactionReference>1234567890123001014</TransactionReference> &nbsp ...
Thiru G 11 Nov 9 Kyle Williams 24 Feb
We'd like to find a developer who has built an interface into Moneysend.  Is there a list somewhere?  We'd like to make corporate disbursements with this API
Jaume Bosch 02 Sep 4 skymasterson 05 Feb
Hello, We are considering building money transfer service using Mastercard MoneySend API. We are service provider and already in talk with participating bank who would serve as acquiring bank. We have one question that in important to us in order ...
Amer Mulabegovic 04 Sep 0 -
500 error usually indicates you've submitted a request without requesting production access. You need to go to your Dashboard and use the "Add Production Service" and select MoneySend
Sathish Sivanantham 02 Jul 5 Dan Martin 11 Jul
Hi Dan, Please could you mail me regarding MoneySend compatible banks in South Africa? Much appreciated, Kyle
Kyle McLaren 29 Apr 0 -
Ed this is going in this January
Ed Konchalski 12 Jul 31 Tammy Thomas 03 Dec
My calls using the same XML is failing. If there is an email id I can mail my logs, maybe we can look into why my calls are failing. If we had more insight into which field its failing ...
P2 User 20 Sep 8 P2 User 20 Sep
Hey Dan, I'm familiar with InControl and know it is being used by a particular startup, Yiftee. What would we have to go through to obtain either a similar partnership or a similar functionality from an API? Essentially, we're looking to: # Generate ...
Aldo Briano 22 Aug 3 giftyone 20 Feb
who will do the Account Mapping
Hussein Alkouz 30 Jul 0 -
Carter, You will need to partner with a MasterCard financial institution customer to acquire MoneySend transactions and discuss whether you are performing the role of a service provider for them. If you are, the MasterCard financial institution customer will need to register your company as their Service Provider ...
Rahul Ranchal 12 Jul 3 Doug McCormick 13 Feb

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