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Thanks for your answer, I tried it but I got a different error (RESOURCEUNKNOWN) URL: (15922 is the id of a mapping I made earlier). Request: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf8 ...
Sven Vanwalleghem 16 Apr 3 Sven Vanwalleghem an hour ago
Our company are located in Latvia (EU).  W e are interested to make Mastercard Moneysend payments (B2C) to Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Norway and China. We are interested to integrate the Moneysend service API to our own software, but currently ...
Jaume Bosch 02 Sep 3 Oskars Ribulis 17 Mar
Hi, I have a few specific questions and would love to speak with someone on the moneysend team directly. Does anyone know where I could find that number, or perhaps someone I could email to get that information? Thanks so ...
Benjamin Tyson 19 Feb 0 -
Hi, I cannot find this answer anywhere in the forums or documentation so apologies if it's already written somewhere!    Let's say I have designed an app where a customer logs into their MasterPass account (which would ...
Colm Ahern 05 Feb 0 -
What do you mean? Let's assume that I have MasterPass access (generated Customer Key). What should I do to have access for MoneySend? Thank you Leszek
mobileHUB TREVICA 05 Feb 2 mobileHUB TREVICA 05 Feb
would never be acceptable to send PCI data over email
Universal Points 22 Jan 5 Dan Martin 23 Jan
Hi, I am writing an OAuthclient in C/C...have been able to create the OAuth header and even sent successfully to server but getting HTTP 500 response please find the app log below..I cannot find ...
Thiru G 04 Dec 0 -
Ed this is going in this January
Ed Konchalski 12 Jul 31 Tammy Thomas 03 Dec
Hi all.
I work in some Payment Aggregator;and we want to implement cardtocard money transfer by using MasterCard MoneySend. If I get it right we are not a financial institution so we need to partner ...
Vladlen Samoswallow 28 Nov 0 -
Hi all, my question might seem a bit stupid, but anyway I'll try: how can I post a question here? PS Right after I had left this comment a "Add new topic ../../../../../../../../../pages/createpage.action?spaceKey ...
Donnie Ibiyemi 25 Dec 3 Vladlen Samoswallow 28 Nov
above response i am getting with the mentioned request.. Does anybody faced this problem??Can anyone guide me in this.. Thanks In Advance.. Thiru
Thiru G 28 Nov 1 Thiru G 28 Nov
Sorry for the confusion original issue is still there..lookslike i tried different api second time
Thiru G 27 Nov 2 Thiru G 27 Nov
Moneysend sandbox api service temporarily unavailable ? Since the last 24hours I have been trying to hit the sandbox api service and frequently getting 500 Internal Server Error in the response.&nbsp
Brijesh Patel 27 Nov 0 -
Hi Dan, I am looking to do something similar but do not require a "one time use"  feature. I need an API which allows me to create virtual MasterCards of a specific dollar amount that can be used ...
Aldo Briano 22 Aug 2 Kyle Orzo 19 Aug
Thankyou Dan for for help. You are right, we were sending the contentlength header twice. We managed to implement all the 6 resources successfully. Facing some issues with Transfer Reversal MoneySend Transfer Reversal Request <?xml version="1.0 ...
Ed Konchalski 12 Jul 2 Ed Konchalski 15 Jul
Hi Mikhail, The financial institution must enroll for MoneySend and obtain an Acquiring License. It is common for issuers to obtain an Acquiring License to acquire MoneySend Transactions. To submit MoneySend Transactions to the MasterCard Network, the financial institution can enroll your ...
Mikhail Provizion 21 Mar 1 Doug McCormick 25 Mar
RESOURCEUNKNOWN is expected for a POST request to eligibility as it only supports PUT. The HTTP 413 response above was due to the ContentLength header not matching the length of the request body. Thanks, Doug
KalyanKumar Ravi 20 Feb 4 Doug McCormick 26 Feb
Carter, You will need to partner with a MasterCard financial institution customer to acquire MoneySend transactions and discuss whether you are performing the role of a service provider for them. If you are, the MasterCard financial institution customer will need to register your company as their Service Provider ...
Rahul Ranchal 12 Jul 3 Doug McCormick 13 Feb
Hello Mohammad, Please let us know if you are still having issues with this. I see some successful calls made from your consumer key in our logs. Thanks
Mohammad Shariq 20 Nov 2 Sundar Shrestha 21 Nov
My calls using the same XML is failing. If there is an email id I can mail my logs, maybe we can look into why my calls are failing. If we had more insight into which field its failing ...
P2 User 20 Sep 8 P2 User 20 Sep
who will do the Account Mapping
Hussein Alkouz 30 Jul 0 -

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