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Kindly note we try money transfer before several time and it was working fine lately we get system error. Card eligibility still working fine is this related to adding money transfer V3 at your side. >>9:38 ...
alansour 22 May 1 alansour 22 May
Dear MoneySend resposible Well I am implementeing MoneySend V3 and after all other errors are eliminated FundingRequestV3 keeps on failing on sandbox with errors like: 20160517 17:36:27 Error data received ...
Andri K 17 May 0 -
Any updates on when the SDK will be updated to support v3?
justin.fischer 05 May 0 -
Hi, I am receiving format error (error code 30) with below Money send Transfer request in SandBox ,I have searched the solution about this Exception but not resolved Please correct me if  i am missing something ...
abdul007 04 May 0 -
Hello, Since the end of last week, I haven't been able to get any MoneySend v2 transfer or payment requests accepted. All transfer or payment requests which were previously were accepted now uniformly end up ...
anssivonkela 11 Apr 0 -
Hello Kai Wang, You said in the above post, that MoneySend works only for MasterCard to MasterCard accounts. However, on the MasterCard development site documentation it says the following: The MoneySend Funding Transaction can ...
bvenkris 01 Jul 6 anssivonkela 10 Apr
Hi Allan, The MoneySend card mapping API is solely used for sending MoneySend transactions.  It is not used for any other type of transaction and is done all via the API. Kind regards, Peter
allanclark 29 Jul 6 Peter Caulfield 03 Mar
Hello! It is stated that "to use the MoneySend services to facilitate actual transactions, the participating financial institution and you must complete the following steps: # Find an Originating Institution partner who will acquire the MoneySend transactions. # The Originating Institution enrolls for MoneySend by signing ...
dekart 25 Nov 0 -
Here's the full error: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8" standalone="yes"?><Errors><Error><RequestId>536451</RequestId><Source>submitTransfer.MoneySendResponse</Source><ReasonCode> INVALIDINPUTVALUE </ReasonCode><Description> </Description><Recoverable>false</Recoverable></Error><Error><RequestId ...
meengle 17 Nov 1 meengle 17 Nov
Hi Dimitry, UCAF is a value that is generated by the Issuers Access Control Server (ACS) within the SecureCode Authentication. This value is not something that you would be able to determine on your own. For more information on SecureCode and its process see the below: ...
dkhanevich 04 Nov 1 Kyle Williams 10 Nov
Hi, Looks like sandbox API "" is down. Please could you help in getting it back working ? Thanks and Regards, Siddu
siddeshwaraswamy 08 Nov 0 -
Hi Dimitry, Thanks for the info, I have seen other issues related to 2 seperate accounts for SENDING and RECEIVING cause multiple issues as well so it is good that was fixed as well. Let me know if you run into any other ...
dkhanevich 03 Nov 4 Kyle Williams 04 Nov
HI Kyle Williams, Thanks for the response. Thanks, Varun
varunmagnite 02 Nov 7 varunmagnite 02 Nov
Thanks for the quick response.  \ Varun
varunmagnite 02 Nov 2 varunmagnite 02 Nov
Kyle,  thx for response. I think it would be reasonable to keep SenderName and SenderAddress as optional parameters in case when FundingMapped is provided. It's really strange to retrieve this data from your PCI storage to setup them into TransferRequest (you already ...
dkhanevich 01 Nov 6 dkhanevich 02 Nov
Hi; This is my first contribution here, so I might be asking a repeated question, sorry for that in advance. I'm planning a P2P payment product, similar to square cash, and considering Mastercard MoneySend API, I have few unanswered questions ...
tokail 29 Oct 0 -
Hi, We were able to setup mastercard sdk in local and was able to test real time transfer with Sandbox environment. Now we are trying to test the service for Batch mode as well. We were able to find file format instructions ...
infboamaster 27 Oct 1 infboamaster 27 Oct
You will have to be more precise with what your 4xx error you are getting. That could be a key issue or a bad request. Thanks, Dave
liquidgrp 30 Sep 5 Dave V 21 Oct
Hi to everyone. Please I'm a beginner in integrating mastercard online payment in an application. When I execute <TransferServiceTest> I get the following error:PHPUnit 4.8.13 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors. EEEE Time: 495 ms, Memory: 15.00Mb ...
itkamer 16 Oct 0 -
Im trying to run the file but I got issue.  Can anyone help me please?  {}Fatal error{} : Class 'PHPUnitFrameworkTestCase' not found in  /home/agsi5/publichtml/MasterCard/MC ...
Rod Serrano 22 Sep 0 -
Dear Brett, I would like to ask you whether there is a possibility to get list of countries where international MasterCard MoneySend transfers could be provided ("list of sending countries
spandan 17 Jan 4 perseverance 08 Sep
Dear Dan, I would like to ask you whether there is a possibility to get list of countries where international MasterCard MoneySend transfers could be provided
Jaume Bosch 02 Sep 5 perseverance 08 Sep
Hi,  please tell me how I can connect to AndroidStudio Java SDK (, to the Android project
nick_2015 04 Aug 0 -
I am using the moneysend portal to send funds overseas. This is tagged to DBS Bank. I am able to login to the portal but when i do the transfer, the voice prompt indicated that the PIN verification is successful. However back to the portal, there is this error ...
andy121 28 Jul 0 -
Hello, My apologies for the confusion. In reference to the Sample Code Page you have referenced. The below is listed under the Node.js Transfer Sample Code: var request = { TransferRequest: { LocalDate: localDate = "1212", LocalTime: localTime = "161222", TransactionReference: transactionReference = "1999999034810154901 ...
kytcvkht567to 25 Jun 3 Kyle Williams 30 Jun

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