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What is this service?

The new API service will provide system to system real time access to the MATCH database for authorized users of MATCH, as determined by MasterCard.

What is the benefit of signing up for the API service?

The API service will allow customers to automate their MATCH merchant Inquiry and Add activity and receive real-time quick hit response.

Who is the target audience for MATCH?

MATCH is a mandated program for all acquirers with merchant activity.

What are the MATCH requirements for acquirers?

Acquirers are required to:

  • Be certified to use MATCH
  • Add terminated merchants to MATCH that meet the specified criteria
  • Inquire to MATCH about a merchant prior to signing an agreement

Is MATCH API a required service?

No. This API is an optional service intended to enable customers to develop an automated process to perform MATCH inquiries and receive a real time response.

What are the other ways to access MATCH besides the API service?

Currently there are three methods customers can use to access MATCH.

  • The first method is the submission of a single entry via MATCH Online.
  • The second method is the electronic submission of bulk files via the batch process.
  • The third method is the submission of bulk files through the import function.

Will I incur a registration fee when I sign up for MATCH API service?

Effective, January 2016, MasterCard will introduce a new MATCH Open API Premium Service quarterly access fee of USD 500 for each member ID/ICA number enrolled in the MATCH Open API Premium Service. The MATCH Open API Premium Service access fee will be an additional fee to the MATCH and MOST quarterly access fee.

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