MATCH - Error Codes
Help assess risk prior to signing a merchant

If a transaction can't be processed, an error will occur. The errors can be for system, service or even network issues.

Why would I need to use this resource?
This resource is provided to you in the event the transaction can't be completed. The error can be for a specific service format issue, network connection or overall message format issue.

Response Values


Description:  This is the unique identifier that attempts to define the field in error when available.  If a specific field can't be identified, System will be returned.
Example:  If an error is produced because of required data it would be presented with the field missing data.

  • Request.Payload
  • Security.Credential
  • Merchant.Principal

Description:  This will identify the reason for the error.


Description:  This is the text description of the error. This is optional and will only be displayed if more information is available than is stored in the data identifier and reason code.

  • Merchant Principals exceed length 5
  • The system is experiencing heavy traffic volume, please try again later
  • Maximum requests exceeded for the current time window

Description:  This is a true/false presentation to explain if the transaction was submitted again would it be successful or not.
Example:  True or False

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	  <Description>The merchant principal is invalid</Description>

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