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I have error this. Please help me. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8" standalone="yes"?><Errors><Error><Source>OAuth.ConsumerKey</Source><ReasonCode>INVALIDCLIENTID</ReasonCode><Description>Oauth customer key
danilo alves 23 Apr 10 wasimakram 19 May
Ok fixed timestamp error on my side everything is OK
christian 26 Apr 1 christian 29 Apr
Match v. 3  is including a character code 18 (0x12) within an XML response. We're using a closed system that parses the XML response immediately, before providing it to us, so I haven't been able to acquire ...
Ken Hartness 29 Apr 0 -
Correction: character code 18 (0x12) is not appearing at a fixed location, even though the search each time is the same
Braintree Developers 22 Dec 4 Ken Hartness 28 Apr
Ok i found the error  on my side so now everything work fine&nbsp
christian 17 Apr 2 christian 23 Apr
We saw the same thing in production around 4/1 (wondered if one of your developers had an odd sense of humor). Resubmitting the exact same request worked fine, suggesting an issue on MC's end
Maria Gurina 13 Oct 2 Ken Hartness 12 Apr
Realised I was being an idiot and was using a Terminated Merchant with a different Terminated Principal from the sandbox data set. Corrected this by using Terminated Merchant 4 from the sandbox data set. No change in the result: still zero results returned ...
marcus_holmes 03 Apr 1 marcus_holmes 05 Apr
We are receiving the below messaging for some of our MATCH API inquiries, and would like to get some clarity on the message means {}does this mean there is no matching data against MATCH's db? (i.e. no there is no record of any of the information we're submitting or something ...
Christel Chan 15 Mar 0 -
Hi Chris, You are still failing Oauth, on our Oauth validation page, there are all the parameters (private keys, parameters, etc) that you can test out.  You can use this to make sure you're set up correctly ...
Chris K 22 Feb 6 Peter Caulfield 11 Mar
An update on this. I tried doubleencoding the body hash and consumer key. Now the actual request is identical to the expected request, except for the nonce and timestamp. Can someone shed some light on this? Here's what I'm sending: POST& https%3A ...
Chris K 03 Mar 1 Chris K 08 Mar
Hi, We noticed some connectivity issues last night circa 21:45 GMT MATCH calls via the API were failing with error: "Server returned error code: 403 Forbidden" Service appears to have been restored ...
Siobhan Kavanagh 18 May 3 Siobhan Kavanagh 19 Feb
Hi Can MATCH accept and handle special characters of any kind? Kind regards Siobhan
Siobhan Kavanagh 18 Feb 1 Siobhan Kavanagh 19 Feb
Hi Kyle, <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf8"?><PurchaseRequest><MerchantIdentity><CompanyId>324855</CompanyId><CompanyPassword>
</CompanyPassword></MerchantIdentity><Reference><MessageId>12TG65H987BBQJ56742</MessageId><SettlementId>12345WXYZ6789</SettlementId></Reference><Amount><Currency>USD</Currency><Value>55555</Value ...
Venkata Araveeti 09 Jul 11 parmanandsagar 23 Feb
How did you resolve this issue
Deepak Malleshappa 12 Sep 2 hammad85ali 27 Jan
Hi Kyle, Do you have an email address we could use to reach out to you and provide more information? Thanks
Braintree Developers 11 Jan 3 Braintree Developers 26 Jan
Hello Kris, "MATCH Online" is an application within MasterCard Connect. This application within MasterCard Connect is only provisioned for Financial Institutions and registered service providers. You can sign up for MasterCard Connect via the following: ... 04 Dec 1 Kyle Williams 10 Dec
Hello, MasterPass sandbox environment is working properly. Please try again. Thank you, Rachel
Howard Klein 02 Oct 2 Rachel Gilmor 24 Nov
039440 04 Nov 0 -
Reference Number from Connect
Reference Number from API
29502015101903704 (0 possible matches)
29502015101903720 (32 possible matches)
29502015101903627 (0 possible matches)
29502015101903630 (30 Possible matches
Venkata Araveeti 19 Oct 1 Venkata Araveeti 19 Oct
Had similar problem. Have you tried changing the XML namespace? Mine was the opposite problem. I was using a namespace ending with termination and needed to use a namespace ending with inquiry. <ns2:TerminationInquiryRequest xmlns:ns2=""> Perhaps ...
b2bjordan 24 Sep 1 Ken Hartness 15 Oct
Never mind. I forgot to update the URL from v2 to v3 in the computation of the OAuth header. Sent POST to right place but hashed with old URL. Now, the response is the same as for ClassCast exception. Looking forward to seeing a reply to their post
Ken Hartness 14 Oct 1 Ken Hartness 15 Oct
Hi, We are currently upgrading to v3 API. The terminated merchant results were returned for one exact match even though the input MinPossibleMatchCount was set to 3 in Test. Please advise. For example, if the phone number was set to 5555555555 then 150 terminated ...
Venkata Araveeti 05 Oct 0 -
Peter, Is there any chance that you could check my requests and see what's wrong with them? I have updated the csr file, I'm now sending the correct Acquire Id (80), but it all my calls still returns "Please ...
Craig Barrcliff 08 Sep 3 Craig Barrcliff 23 Sep
Hello Renan, This error is thrown when the ICA used in your request is not the Sandbox ICA. Please ensure you are using <AcquirerId>1996</AcquirerId> in your request. I have checked within our server logs and I am seeing ...
Renan Tymoschenko 14 Sep 1 Kyle Williams 15 Sep
Hi I have a questionabout the Termination Inquiry v3 API I just put in a inquiry query and got a respose xml back. in The response xml I have the following response ...
futoshi nishimura 19 Aug 0 -

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