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Help assess risk prior to signing a merchant
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HI dan thanks for the reply, I have checked the #1, and make sure that i follow the first string base signature that is returned by the error xml. i also make sure that the key that i used to signed the string base signature ...
Juan Fu 10 Mar 5 john bonsol 18 Apr
Victor, It's a common mistake. Your OAuth parameters do not belong in your URL query string. They should only be provided in the Authorization header. The duplication you see is because by putting any querystring parameter in the request, it must be included in the OAuth signature ...
Victor Costa 18 Mar 1 Dan Martin 18 Mar
An update on this: It turns out our problem was caused by what appears to be a double URL encoding of the test body hash. (Again, this is on Here's the body hash:WhqqHTU95VgZMItpdq78BWb4cE=And here's the encoded body ...
Chris K 18 Mar 1 Chris K 18 Mar
Thanks very much, Dan. You were exactly right; I missed the error message body, which does indeed contain a useful error message
Chris K 12 Mar 5 Chris K 13 Mar
Sorry to be unhelpful, but MasterCard cannot give advice on this topic. Beyond the data that MATCH provides, we cannot give any recommendations on when to accept or decline a merchant
Jehson Samante 28 Feb 1 Dan Martin 06 Mar
Hi, sorry if the example is a bit unclear. Having 20 'ñ' characters in the City fields (and even just 11) yields a 400 BAD REQUEST error. MATCH API seems unable to handle 20 special characters in its City ...
Jehson Samante 24 Feb 4 Jehson Samante 28 Feb
Umashankar, It looks like the key that you had been using expired on 11/8/2013. Please renew your key under My Account>My Dashboard>My Keys. Thanks, David Vorhies
Umashankar Coppa 20 Jan 1 David Vorhies 21 Jan
We are using "Double Meta Phone Algorithm" to determine a phonetic match on the Match Query Fields
Dimitrios Gianninas 09 Jan 2 Dan Martin 10 Jan
Hi, We are upgrading our data center hardware and need to setup a new MATCH api server.  Is there a general User Guide that can step me through the process.  Unfortunately, i did not initially set up this box ...
Rob Pereira 06 Jan 0 -
Hi Dan.  I've been working for the past few days using the first 48 characters of my Consumer Key as the client ID.  Once I got the OAuth headers right, I started getting an error ...
John Crouch 03 Oct 11 Dimitrios Gianninas 29 Nov
Looking at the example on the validation page, it looks like the OAuth header should not be URLEncoded when added to the header while everything else should be.  Here is what the example OAuth header looks like:
OAuth oauthsignature="Yh7m15oV0XbRTFP%2Fp4T56sg38QDLKEh4cVK90taaHstE%2FjTdCn53CtbUETQFWLR2VdMMv8ujeewM3NDzLRfVLqwE ...
Dimitrios Gianninas 28 Nov 0 -
I realized that I was not including the query parameters and also that the authorization header was not showing up.  I've switched to the Jersey client with the Apache connector.  Now the authorization header is being sent but I am getting an error ...
Dimitrios Gianninas 25 Nov 2 Dimitrios Gianninas 25 Nov
Unfortunately there's a few features from the web version of MATCH that are not in the API. They are all being considered for a future improvement to the API
John Crouch 09 Oct 1 Dan Martin 09 Oct
Your consumer key is listed on your Dashboard. When viewing an app (My Apps tab), it is in the middle of the screen. The timestamp must be real, and must be within a few seconds of now, in GMT. You must create your signature using ...
Keith Evans 09 Oct 1 Dan Martin 09 Oct
Hi Dan, We are using a timestamp inside the allowed timestamp range. Following are the details on the same. Time when OAuth Timestamp was calculated: 20130917 07:59:04.971 Time when request was sent to Mastercard:   &nbsp ...
Mandar Panse 16 Sep 5 Mandar Panse 17 Sep
I was able to resolve this issue.. Thanks
John Crouch 12 Sep 1 John Crouch 16 Sep
Mandar, in Java, you want to check the errorResponse on the HTTP call. We always reply with a more meaningful error than what you are seeing in the stack. In your case, the problem is an XML parsing failure. It's caused because the XML preamble ...
Mandar Panse 11 Jul 3 Dan Martin 12 Jul
I just sent you a response. Sorry for the delay I was out of the office Friday
Mike Meyer 05 Jun 11 Dan Martin 10 Jun
Hi There, I was experiencing the same error while testing from my end. I was using the xls files provided for terminated merchants and principals. Instead of generating a TransactionReferenceNumber I decided to just use the Merchant Number. My investigation ...
Imran Afzal 28 Feb 4 Garrick van Schalkwyk 15 May
Hi Mike, You are 100% correct. I have officially kicked myself. Thanks very much. Regards, Garrick
Garrick van Schalkwyk 10 May 2 Garrick van Schalkwyk 13 May
Thanks, I managed to make the request in the sandbox
danilo alves 23 Apr 9 danilo alves 08 May
Hi Mike,
We are following2nd format to create a signature base string. and our signature base string is matching with your format. Can you send me a signature which you created at your end to match with our signature?&nbsp ...
Mandar Panse 15 Apr 6 Mandar Panse 15 Apr
When trying to access the sandbox: I get a http 403 response " {}Access to the requested resource has been denied{} ". But If I try: It seems to work. Any ...
Ryan Bohner 14 Mar 0 -
Hi My Name Akramuddin Mohammed, and i am the owner of Pcplanet Technologies LLC, and would like to inform you that i think i am in TMF, and i would like to know how would i resolve it and i want ...
Akramuddin Mohammed 26 Feb 0 -
I found the solution for this. If I pass the phone number in the request data, the error does not happen
Bin Tang 08 Feb 1 Bin Tang 13 Feb

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