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Got my answer by email. No, inquiry detail history is not yet available via the API
evoportland 24 Feb 1 evoportland 04 Mar
Nevermind, after investigating further the error was on our end
Braintree Developers 02 Feb 1 Braintree Developers 02 Feb
case the above was unclear, here is the issue.  When I go to add a production service on the dashboard, I see Match Approved in the dialog.  It offers me the chance to apply for other services but not for Match.  Therefore I am ...
Howard Klein 30 Oct 3 Howard Klein 04 Nov
Thanks Dan.  That fixed
Howard Klein 20 Oct 14 Dimitrios Gianninas 10 Nov
When we ran our regression tests this morning we got a timeout on the connection to the Match sandbox.  Is it down?  Is there an ETA on when it will again be available
Howard Klein 02 Oct 0 -
When sending a request to MasterCard match, there is sometimes an embedded '&' in the input data.  When this occurs we get the following response from MasterCard Match JAXBException occurred : The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.. The entity ...
Howard Klein 30 Sep 0 -
We believe we've resolved all issues with MATCH and are seeing good traffic to the system. Please let me know if you continue to have problems
Siobhan Kavanagh 29 Sep 4 Dan Martin 29 Sep
We can get exact, phonetic or none.  Does this mean that a truncated name would come back as Phonetic if there is a record?  Or would the name be truncated to 60 in your DB as well
Howard Klein 22 Sep 2 Howard Klein 24 Sep
Hello Randy, You will receive an email once your request has been processed. You can reach out to for further information. Thank you, Rachel Gilmor
Umashankar Coppa 20 Jan 6 Rachel Gilmor 24 Sep
Sorry, to access MATCH you need to be a registered MasterCard member; either a registered Acquirer or registered Third Party Process (TPP
Thomas Rones 12 Sep 1 Dan Martin 23 Sep
outage is actually impacting MATCH Sandbox and Production. We anticipate restoring service by 7pm Central time
Dimitrios Gianninas 30 Apr 2 Dan Martin 30 Apr
nbsp;Hi, There is maintenance activity going on, which caused an unexpected outage for MATCH only. Services are expected to be available by 7pm Central time
Heartland Payment Systems 30 Apr 1 VijayaKumar Katam 30 Apr
Victor, It's a common mistake. Your OAuth parameters do not belong in your URL query string. They should only be provided in the Authorization header. The duplication you see is because by putting any querystring parameter in the request, it must be included in the OAuth signature ...
Victor Costa 18 Mar 1 Dan Martin 18 Mar
An update on this: It turns out our problem was caused by what appears to be a double URL encoding of the test body hash. (Again, this is on Here's the body hash:WhqqHTU95VgZMItpdq78BWb4cE=And here's the encoded body ...
Chris K 18 Mar 1 Chris K 18 Mar
Unfortunately there's a few features from the web version of MATCH that are not in the API. They are all being considered for a future improvement to the API
John Crouch 09 Oct 1 Dan Martin 09 Oct
Your consumer key is listed on your Dashboard. When viewing an app (My Apps tab), it is in the middle of the screen. The timestamp must be real, and must be within a few seconds of now, in GMT. You must create your signature using ...
Keith Evans 09 Oct 1 Dan Martin 09 Oct
Hi Dan.  I've been working for the past few days using the first 48 characters of my Consumer Key as the client ID.  Once I got the OAuth headers right, I started getting an error ...
John Crouch 03 Oct 11 Dimitrios Gianninas 29 Nov
Hi Alon.. Are you using a POST for the terminationinquiry and passing in a body hash
alon fluxman 04 Jul 3 Doug McCormick 15 Jul
Update: Today the request that was giving me problems has been processing successfully, and has the same body hash. Chalk up another one to magic! Thanks, Phil
CRM Team 29 Jun 3 CRM Team 03 Jul
works from my pc, but still the same error from our server, I can telnet 443 fine. Now getting the other minor issue with reponse xml file from mastercard on match request, it contains the namespace ...
Juan Fu 21 Jun 2 Juan Fu 22 Jun
Hi There, I was experiencing the same error while testing from my end. I was using the xls files provided for terminated merchants and principals. Instead of generating a TransactionReferenceNumber I decided to just use the Merchant Number. My investigation ...
Imran Afzal 28 Feb 4 Garrick van Schalkwyk 15 May

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