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How did you resolve this issue
Deepak Malleshappa 12 Sep 2 hammad85ali 27 Jan
Hi Kyle, Do you have an email address we could use to reach out to you and provide more information? Thanks
Braintree Developers 11 Jan 3 Braintree Developers 26 Jan
Kyle, thanks for the quick reply. The response was recieved at 10:07am December 20th UTC and sent to to /fraud/merchant/v1/terminationinquiry Is there a way I could direct message you our client ID? &nbsp
Braintree Developers 22 Dec 2 Braintree Developers 22 Dec
Hello Kris, "MATCH Online" is an application within MasterCard Connect. This application within MasterCard Connect is only provisioned for Financial Institutions and registered service providers. You can sign up for MasterCard Connect via the following: ... 04 Dec 1 Kyle Williams 10 Dec
Hello, MasterPass sandbox environment is working properly. Please try again. Thank you, Rachel
Howard Klein 02 Oct 2 Rachel Gilmor 24 Nov
039440 04 Nov 0 -
Had similar problem. Have you tried changing the XML namespace? Mine was the opposite problem. I was using a namespace ending with termination and needed to use a namespace ending with inquiry. <ns2:TerminationInquiryRequest xmlns:ns2=""> Perhaps ...
b2bjordan 24 Sep 1 Ken Hartness 15 Oct
Peter, Is there any chance that you could check my requests and see what's wrong with them? I have updated the csr file, I'm now sending the correct Acquire Id (80), but it all my calls still returns "Please ...
Craig Barrcliff 08 Sep 3 Craig Barrcliff 23 Sep
Hello Renan, This error is thrown when the ICA used in your request is not the Sandbox ICA. Please ensure you are using <AcquirerId>1996</AcquirerId> in your request. I have checked within our server logs and I am seeing ...
Renan Tymoschenko 14 Sep 1 Kyle Williams 15 Sep
Hi I have a questionabout the Termination Inquiry v3 API I just put in a inquiry query and got a respose xml back. in The response xml I have the following response ...
futoshi nishimura 19 Aug 0 -
Hi Kyle, We are continuing to receive same error XML response. Please let me know if you need any information to resolve this issue. Thanks for your time. \ Deepak
Kyle Williams 14 Jul 5 Deepak Malleshappa 29 Jul
Hi Kyle, we checked with our provider and below is the response. Please Advise. You needs to go back to MasterCard and tell them that AppFolio is a  {}registered third party processor with Wells Fargo bank under ICA XXXX and to let ...
Venkata Araveeti 09 Jul 10 Venkata Araveeti 21 Jul
I cloned the Match API PHP SDK from github and tried the unit test in the SDK. The unit test failed but I was able to get it working with the following fixes: 1) of course change unit test path to my own keystore ...
John Skovron 24 Jun 0 -
Hello Andres, Sorry for the delay, so it looks like this merchant is not a high risk merchant. Basically with the MATCH Termination Inquiry you are checking for if the merchant you sent in has been terminated in the past by another acquirer. If they were it will return a result with the history ...
Andres Ordonez 11 Jun 4 Brett Thomson 16 Jun
Hello Siobhan, The MATCH service has now been restored. We validated that the change has resulted a successful traffic as of 06:11 CST Please let me know if you continue to experience any further issues and I will be happy ...
Siobhan Kavanagh 18 May 2 Kyle Williams 18 May
Good Afternoon Ken,  Good catch, we are seeing this same behavior on our end, we are working with our internal teams to solve this issue at this time.  In the meantime if you do have the MATCH service available to you through ...
Ken Hartness 29 Apr 2 Brett Thomson 12 May
Hi Adam, Can you provide me with the Client ID you are using to send in this request so that I may look into this further? When using special characters: You will need to ensure you are calling the correct contenttype and method within ...
Jehson Samante 24 Feb 6 Kyle Williams 16 Apr
I have found your Client ID is not approved for production access to MATCH API . The MATCH API is not currently available for use within Europe. Information regarding this is posted on the Developer Zone on the following link: HERE ...
Yura Vlasishen 15 Apr 1 Kai Wang 15 Apr
Afternoon Ken,  I just sent you an email of what I show as your valid production client and key ID.  Please make sure that the production key I emailed is attached to the production key under ...
Ken Hartness 14 Apr 1 Brett Thomson 14 Apr
Good Afternoon Mahmoudhassan,  What application were you trying to troubleshoot in your code above?  I am a bit thrown off by the destination url going to  I am also not able ...
mahmoud-hassan 08 Apr 1 Brett Thomson 09 Apr
Hi, That will be great that we don't need to do code change. We also did test connectivity on sandbox using ISM channel. It works. Thank you very much for your reply.  Juan
Juan Fu 17 Mar 2 Juan Fu 18 Mar
Thank you so much. That was easy. I guess I missed that in the documentation.&nbsp
evoportland 04 Mar 2 evoportland 05 Mar
Got my answer by email. No, inquiry detail history is not yet available via the API
evoportland 24 Feb 1 evoportland 04 Mar
Nevermind, after investigating further the error was on our end
Braintree Developers 02 Feb 1 Braintree Developers 02 Feb
Afternoon Andres,  Try using the Certificate Request Tool that we provide when your registering your key and the Certificate Request File. This will provide you ...
Andres Ordonez 21 Jan 1 Brett Thomson 26 Jan

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