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What location data is available?

Our locations service consists of two primary data categories – ATMs and merchants.

ATM: Around 2 million ATM locations in over 210 countries

Cash Back: Retail locations in the U.S. where cardholders can get cash at checkout when paying with their debit card.

Contactless: Retail locations worldwide where cardholders can make purchases using their contactless-enabled card or device. Apple Pay TM enabled devices can be used at U.S. merchants wherever contactless is accepted.

rePower: Retail locations in the U.S. where cardholders can add cash to their MasterCard® or Maestro® prepaid card.

Travel Card: Retail locations in the U.S. where consumers can acquire the MasterCard Prepaid Travel Card - the perfect alternative to cash and travelers' checks.

What geocoding capabilities do you offer?

RoofTop geocoding

  • Location is specified down to the rooftop of a particular address.
  • Currently offered in the United States only.

Street Segment geocoding

  • Address is matched to a street and specific segment (such as a city block).
  • Offered in:
    Andorra Argentina Austria Australia Belgium Brazil
    Canada Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France
    Germany Hungary Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
    Luxemburg Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland
    Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland
    United Kingdom United States        

City Center level geocoding

  • Countries not listed above are geocoded to the center of the city.

How do I sign up for the API service?

For instructions to sign up for the API service, please go here.

Where can I obtain volume and pricing information for the Locations API?

If you are an individual or small business, you may view our monthly subscription fee by selecting Add prod service and selecting Locations. All other customers please contact us to obtain volume and pricing information.

Why is the location service limiting my call volume?

We return up to twenty-five records per request. Due to the large volume of records that could potentially be returned for a location, we currently limit record returns to twenty-five per call. Additional calls may be made to retrieve subsequent records.

How do I cancel my subscription to the Locations API?

To cancel your subscription, go to your dashboard and select Delete This App. Once your application has been deleted, recurring charges for this service will end.

Who do I contact for more information about the Locations API?

For general or pricing questions about the Locations API, send an e-mail to lat_admin@mastercard.com. For development related or technical questions, please visit our Developer Forum to search for answers or post a question.

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