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Hi Pete, I am aware of the 25 records per request. I am also aware of the search is bounded by a circular area as you said "So to your question, using just California in countrysubdivision will provide all ATMs ...
Jun Goh 18 Jun 4 Jun Goh 26 Jun
Hello Yann, You should not be required to make your own SSLSocketFactory as they are already compatible with TLS
Yann LOISON 20 Jan 3 Peter Caulfield 24 Feb
Hello Monica,  Looking at my results, you are correct the values in the lat and long response are not all unique.  I looked into why this is the case and it looks like it is expected as the API is limited in some countries to returning unique addresses but the latitude ...
Monica Soni 06 Feb 5 Brett Thomson 06 Mar
Hello Hooman,  I am searching for queries made into our locations API for the past couple of days and I am not seeing anything with your Production Client ID and Sandbox Client ID.  So it would seem that these calls ...
Vince Davis 26 Dec 19 Brett Thomson 05 Feb
Pratik Patel 02 Feb 0 -
Geolocation is not a filter. For instance, if you search by Postal Code, it will not limit results to that Postal Code. It will use the Postal Code to identify a center point, then search from that center point. Results, therefor, can be in neighboring Postal Codes. On the Latitude/Longitude, not all ...
Monica Soni 28 Oct 3 Dan Martin 29 Oct
encoding difference is a bug in our API gateway. It only happens with spaces or other URLencoded characters in parameter values. I have been working with our engineering team to resolve this. I don't have an ETA on resolution, but we are treating ...
Paresh Varke 30 Sep 9 Dan Martin 08 Oct
Hi, Now i am using sandbox keys to fetch ATM locations. I am able to fetch ATMs using REST APIs. But when i try same location services from sdk, i get com.mastercard.api.MCApiException exception ...
Paresh Varke 30 Sep 0 -
OpenAPI currently only supports XML format. Thanks David Vorhies
Paresh Varke 29 Sep 1 David Vorhies 29 Sep
When can I expect to be approved
Chris Wayne 28 Jul 4 Ash Shilkin 21 Oct
I'm a little confused, because you are replying to a thread about an invalid OAuth Signature. I assumed that was your issue. A 401 could be due to you trying to access a URL you are not allowed to access, or any number of other reasons ...
Lorenzo Marchiori 03 Jul 5 Dan Martin 25 Jul
I think Diana was talking about MasterPass Merchant examples
Lazar Gramatikov 22 Nov 35 erick santos 30 May
Hi, When I am calling the service locally it's working perfectly,getting the response.But If i  am deploying the service in IIS and calling it then its showing "The specified network password is not correct." I have not given any password for the .p12 ...
First Rate 08 Oct 0 -
Can I have an example to use the  Merchant Location RESTService with OAuth in C\ with OpenSSL,Please
Sathish mekala 26 Aug 23 Shashadhar Das 29 Sep
Hello Jason, The API currently does not support these queries.  I've let our business team know of your interest, so that they may be aware of it for future product enhancements
Jason Green 18 Sep 1 Sundar Shrestha 18 Sep
Hi Bivek, thank you for your answer. The issue in .NET  is in the HttpUtility.UrlEncode() method. I found here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/918019/neturlencodelowercaseproblem a solution
Rudolf Grauberger 09 Sep 3 Rudolf Grauberger 10 Sep
I got the email for approval to Production access , however when i access the url from client , it always written HTTP 403 code. What could be the probable reason for same, it is working fine for the sandbox env.&nbsp
Ran Grushkowsky 13 Jun 5 Anuj K 10 Sep
Thanks buddy, it is helpful
Kamal Kishore 01 Aug 11 Mohit Joshi 15 Feb
Sorry, at this time we do not have a merchant bank relationship in Australia. We are working hard to establish relationships and integrate technology in as many markets as possible, but currently we are only established with Vantiv in the United States
tri tran 05 Jul 1 Dan Martin 06 Jul
Sorry, we would not allow an exception. The timestamp is a key part of the security built into OAuth, and an exception is not something we could allow. A mobile phones' date and time is usually set by the network. We've had some very widely ...
Tom Decroix 08 Jun 4 Dan Martin 11 Jun
Hi Matt, Did you have implemented OAuth in Objective C
Matthew Silver 23 May 3 marmikmalkan 21 Jan
locator covers a wide number of countries: https://developer.mastercard.com/portal/display/api/LocationsFAQs And, the API is limited to 25 results per call, but you can make multiple calls easily. One thing to note is that the 'page offset' is really a 'result ...
Keyur Ashra 13 May 1 Josh Kessler 14 May
I don't use java yet, but I found this post that may be relevant:  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1432961/howdoimakehttpurlconnectionuseaproxy http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1432961/howdoimakehttpurlconnectionuseaproxy And there are a number of potential solutions given
Arian van Dongen 28 Mar 1 Josh Kessler 05 Apr
Nasir, All MATCH requests require a POST or PUT. This is listed in the documentation for all services under the heading "HTTP Methods
Imran Afzal 27 Dec 15 Dan Martin 05 Nov
you working in Sandbox?  If so, be aware that there is limited data.  Refer to this page:  Locations Sandbox https://developer.mastercard.com/portal/display/api/LocationsSandbox
Rahul Taneja 09 Jan 1 Dan Martin 09 Jan

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