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an API to generate virtual card number for each transaction from a real credit card, so as to avoid sharing the actual credit card info online
Fahad Barchiwale 04 Mar 0 -
Hi Vorthies,                      Yes I am looking locations for C# examples and SDK ...
Lazar Gramatikov 22 Nov 34 Goutam Yadav 24 Feb
you're looking to use a payment gateway and you're a merchant based in the United States, I would suggest our Simplify Commerce product. They have plenty of PHP examples on the Simplify Commerce website. It can be found at http://simplify.com
Niraj Pradhan 17 Feb 1 Dan Martin 18 Feb
I apologize for the inconvenience. A bug report was filed by our team just last week that matches your post exactly. We are working with our Locations team to resolve this as soon as possible. The outcome I expect is that we ensure the filter is working ...
Stefano Andreani 05 Nov 1 Dan Martin 09 Dec
Hi, When I am calling the service locally it's working perfectly,getting the response.But If i  am deploying the service in IIS and calling it then its showing "The specified network password is not correct." I have not given any password for the .p12 ...
Anupam Choudhury 08 Oct 0 -
various reasons, in particular the pertransaction fees associated with the Locations API, caching of data is not allowed under our terms of use
Stefan Rasmusson 03 Sep 1 Dan Martin 04 Sep
problem may be your authconsumerkey. You have it set to  sivjothie which I'm guessing is the name of your key. Try to take the garbled consumer key from your dashboard that get's assigned to the key in your app. The text that's in the yellow ...
SivananthaJhothi R G 09 Aug 1 Trig B 30 Aug
SivananthaJhothi R G 09 Aug 0 -
Can I have an example to use the  Merchant Location RESTService with OAuth in C\ with OpenSSL,Please
Sathish mekala 26 Aug 23 Shashadhar Das 29 Sep
I apologize for this. Currently our Sandbox is experiencing this issue for all requests. We are investigating, but have not yet identified the cause. As a result, I cannot give you a timeline for a resolution. I will let you know as soon as we do have ...
Babur Begg 23 May 2 Dan Martin 24 May
Most of the sample code is Java, which is largely portable to Android. The main limiter on Android is that you don't have access to the JAXRS APIs that our sample code uses for parsing XML. There are plenty of options for parsing XML on Android, and that's not a hard problem ...
Kristiaan Mannaert 15 May 1 Dan Martin 16 May
Thank you all for your help, but i figured it out. Now I am getting the error 1002: Unconnected sockets not implemented but that is already mentioned in another thread. @forum administrator: this thread can be closed
Rene Sandmann 15 Jan 2 Rene Sandmann 15 May
Hi Dan, Can you give us an update? It's been a few weeks now, and I still got the problem with the ATM locations on Sandbox. <Errors><Error><Source>AtmAccessObject: IO Exception</Source><ReasonCode>1002</ReasonCode><Description ...
Dimitry Deofen 13 Mar 4 Rene Sandmann 15 May
Thanks very much for this example. Really appreciate you sharing it. For viewers, please note that this example doesn't include the oauthbodyhash, because that is not required by GET resources such as Locations. oauthbodyhash support would need to be added to this sample to work with any of the POST or PUT ...
Angela LaPointe 25 Apr 2 Dan Martin 01 May
Great, glad it's resolved. I would definitely appreciate your posting of a Python example
Angela LaPointe 25 Apr 5 Dan Martin 25 Apr
I apologize, that is a documentation mistake. All services require authentication. I have updated the language to reflect
Matthew Lee 11 Mar 1 Dan Martin 11 Mar
Thanks buddy, it is helpful
Kamal Kishore 01 Aug 11 Mohit Joshi 15 Feb
Thanks for the quick reply Dan :) As suggested by you. We have two solutions. 1) Convert the Private key into PK8 file and then read the file to get the private key. 2) Create a password protected .p12 file from .csr and .key ...
omc dev 14 Jan 2 omc dev 15 Jan
Yes, Because our Map is only a UK map. So the Latitude and Longitude which we send doesn't return us anything. So we required atleast one UK postcode to check whether our implementation is correct
Nasir Hussain 08 Jan 2 Nasir Hussain 11 Jan
Hi Sundar, Thank you for the help.  By applying Lats and Long params, we are now able to see the correct response. When can we expect the fix
omc dev 02 Nov 4 Nasir Hussain 19 Nov
Nasir, All MATCH requests require a POST or PUT. This is listed in the documentation for all services under the heading "HTTP Methods
Imran Afzal 27 Dec 15 Dan Martin 05 Nov
Hello Jason, The API currently does not support these queries.  I've let our business team know of your interest, so that they may be aware of it for future product enhancements
Jason Green 18 Sep 1 Sundar Shrestha 18 Sep
Hi Bivek, thank you for your answer. The issue in .NET  is in the HttpUtility.UrlEncode() method. I found here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/918019/neturlencodelowercaseproblem a solution
Rudolf Grauberger 09 Sep 3 Rudolf Grauberger 10 Sep
I got the email for approval to Production access , however when i access the url from client , it always written HTTP 403 code. What could be the probable reason for same, it is working fine for the sandbox env.&nbsp
Ran Grushkowsky 13 Jun 5 Anuj K 10 Sep
Sorry, at this time we do not have a merchant bank relationship in Australia. We are working hard to establish relationships and integrate technology in as many markets as possible, but currently we are only established with Vantiv in the United States
tri tran 05 Jul 1 Dan Martin 06 Jul

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