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Hey Mario, The development teams are currently engaged and looking into this. I will update you as soon as I hear back from them on the timeframe for the fix. Thanks again, Kyle
sipemrosado 21 Oct 5 Kyle Williams 11 Nov
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bigboy 07 Nov 0 -
jumoke 06 Nov 0 -
Thanks for your reply... In fact, I'm using it. For instance I'm using USA which is indeed geocoded and I'm sending it as paratmeter for the merchant location api... but I don't get any results. Zero data
sipemrosado 25 Sep 2 sipemrosado 27 Sep
Hi Guys, I am trying to check thousands of URLs from search engine index, If they are existing or not. I need a Java program which can trigger these url one at a time to the search engine and record the response If it exists or not. I already ...
harish24 24 Sep 0 -
SCAH I am participating the Smart City App Hack and Master Card API is an optional feature we like to add to our app. I have read through the documentation and got the code.  The problem is when I ...
jiahaoliuliu 19 Sep 0 -
Hello Hugo, You must ensure you have been granted production access to the Locations API before sending your request to the Production URL
HUGO VAN MOURIK 25 Aug 1 Kyle Williams 26 Aug
I see. thanks. Hopefully, the documentation would be updated soon.&nbsp
Jun G 29 Jul 4 Jun G 21 Aug
  Jun G 24 Jul 0 -
Thank you, Pete. Followup questions: What is the valid value for miles for the parameter distanceUnit? Are there any other parameters that behave differently in the sandbox and production environment that I should know of?&nbsp
Jun G 17 Jul 3 Jun G 23 Jul
Thanks Brett.  It worked properly until minutes ago, I got Error 403. Does the server go on 'weekend mode' every Friday? Edit: added more as following: I tried querying production server and got Error ...
Jun G 07 Jul 3 Jun G 10 Jul
I believe I got it working... it looks like in the MCcert.crt on github for the nodejs api there are multiple certificates.  Unsure if that was correct or not, I decided to create seperate files and paste the contents in.  Once I did that I pointed process.env.SSLCERTFILE ...
Sean McGill 08 Jul 1 Sean McGill 09 Jul
Ok, that worked for me to get atm test data.  Thanks! We did however end up purchasing a production license for the locations service, however I'm having problems connecting to prod I had posted another forum ...
Sean McGill 06 Jul 10 Sean McGill 09 Jul
answer my own question, after searching around a bit more I found where to get example code for rePower merchant searching and made a little node test app : https://developer.mastercard.com/portal/display/api/MerchantSample
Sean McGill 06 Jul 1 Sean McGill 06 Jul
Hi Pete, I am aware of the 25 records per request. I am also aware of the search is bounded by a circular area as you said "So to your question, using just California in countrysubdivision will provide all ATMs ...
Jun G 18 Jun 4 Jun G 26 Jun
Hello marcins, 1. This is not possible as you will only be able to activate a single private key at a time. When the year comes up and it is time to renew your private key you will need a regenerate a new private key at this time for security reasons ...
marcins 15 Jun 1 Brett Thomson 16 Jun
Hello Monica,  Looking at my results, you are correct the values in the lat and long response are not all unique.  I looked into why this is the case and it looks like it is expected as the API is limited in some countries to returning unique addresses but the latitude ...
Monica Soni 06 Feb 5 Brett Thomson 06 Mar
Hello Monica,  The key development is separate within the stage environment as opposed to in the sandbox and productions environments.  You are actually going to follow the same process to develop the key but you need to make sure you are performing this process in the stage ...
Monica Soni 10 Feb 1 Brett Thomson 05 Mar
Hi APISupport Team, I have integrated code to get atm location from open api.  Currently my requirement is UI has only one search textbox.  Now user can enter any search ...
Monica Soni 02 Mar 0 -
Hello Yann, You should not be required to make your own SSLSocketFactory as they are already compatible with TLS
Yann LOISON 20 Jan 3 Peter Caulfield 24 Feb
Hello Hooman,  I am searching for queries made into our locations API for the past couple of days and I am not seeing anything with your Production Client ID and Sandbox Client ID.  So it would seem that these calls ...
Vince Davis 26 Dec 19 Brett Thomson 05 Feb
Pratik Patel 02 Feb 0 -
dorward,  To double check, with the stack trace you previously provided it still shows that the bundle install needs to be removed this would be command ==>> apgemfileinstall/bundler  Also when starting the server to test an api use the command: >foreman run ...
dorward 02 Dec 6 Brett Thomson 30 Jan
Hello Monica, The API is set to output all capital letters and there are no plans to make changes.  The change can be manipulated on the client end. javascript example: function toTitleCase() { var parts = this.toLowerCase().split(" "); if (parts.length == 0) return ''; var fixed ...
Monica Soni 19 Jan 1 Peter Caulfield 27 Jan
Hi Matt, Did you have implemented OAuth in Objective C
Matthew Silver 23 May 3 marmikmalkan 21 Jan

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