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  • Did you know "ATM" is among the top five most-searched terms?
  • How can you furnish accurate data for emerging payment modes?
  • Are you missing possible location-based data opportunities?

App LaunchPad enables you to download a complete sample of an app that merges ATM location data to a map for display on a mobile device. We provide sample code for HTML5, iOS and Android clients, each of which connect to an app server; the app server is configured to connect to the sandbox version of our Locations API. Experience App LaunchPad today by clicking here

Information about payment card acceptance is important to consumers, and will become especially sought-after as new contactless payment modes continue to emerge. Now you can provide this data with unprecedented accuracy and add value to your product or service.

Tailored for local search and GIS systems, the MasterCard Location Service API is ready to deliver whether you serve as a data aggregator or furnish an end-product.

While other databases are difficult to maintain and often out-of-date, the MasterCard merchant data is created from actual payment-card transactions and owner-supplied information. Since the collection process is transaction based, new locations are automatically added as soon as they see activity. No other source can provide data with such a high degree of timeliness and accuracy.


Global ATM Locations The world's most comprehensive ATM database - including all machines on the MasterCard®, Cirrus or Maestro® network - with street-level geocoding for 23 countries and city-level geocoding for up to 210 countries and territories. A complete list of global ATMs from a single, definitve source, updated daily.
Merchants - US Cash Back Locations Merchant locations where consumers can receive cash back from their debit cards. A new and unique offering sourced from MasterCard transaction information that is currently unavailable from any other source.
PayPass (RFID) Locations Merchants who currently accept payment via RFID technologies processed through MasterCard, such as MasterCard PayPass and Google Wallet. A unique data set sourced from MasterCard transaction information that is available through no other source.
MasterCard rePower® Locations Merchants who provide a convenient way to add cash to your MasterCard Prepaid Card.
MasterCard Travel Card Locations Locations where consumers can acquire the MasterCard Travel Card - the perfect alternative to cash and travelers' checks.

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