Introducing App LaunchPad
Take a look at the things you can do with our APIs
Introducing App LaunchPad - helping developers to quickly build apps that use MasterCard’s APIs

What is App LaunchPad?

App LaunchPad helps you to figure out how to work with our APIs. We give you sample code including mobile clients connecting to a server configured to securing use of our APIs. What’s more, the sample code can be downloaded and tested in your own environment.

Why are we doing this?

MasterCard runs a payment network that handles trillions of dollars of payment transactions a year. We have stringent security protocols. This extends to our OpenAPI platform.

When you add the security necessary to a payments-related APIs, the integration process becomes a daunting and time consuming effort.

So we thought we could help you to figure out how to build apps that use our APIs in the most efficient way.

You want more Details?

We partnered with AnyPresence to build App LaunchPad. This new product enables developers to download a complete sample of an app that merges ATM location data to a map for display on a mobile device. We provide sample code for HTML5, iOS and Android clients, each of which connect to an app server; the app server is configured to connect to the sandbox version of our Locations API.

After download, you add your sandbox keys to the app server. The clients then talk to your server. There’s loads of help and guidance – we even show you how to deploy the server onto heroku.

Try it out!

App LaunchPad is hosted by our good friends at AnyPresence. You’ll need to register with them. Assuming we get good feedback, we’ll expand and include more of our other APIs.

Experience App LaunchPad today by visiting

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